Heathlands Primary Academy

Heath Way, Castle Bromwich, Birmingham, B34 6NB



Staff List


Teaching Staff at Heathlands Primary Academy 2017/2018
Mr P Higgins Headteacher and Designated Senior Lead
Mr A Byrne Deputy Headteacher and Assistant DSL


Mrs L Purshall 

Assistant Headteacher, Years 5 and 6 and  Year 6 teacher 

Mrs T Begum

SENCO & EAL and Assistant DSL

Miss E Robinson

Nursery Teacher 

Miss R White

Assistant Headteacher, Reception Teacher

Mrs H Ratheram

Reception Teacher

Mrs L Freeman (p/time)

Mrs Kiersty Sinclair-Davies (p/time)

Year 1 Teacher

Year 1 Teacher

Mrs Khaira Year 1 Teacher
Mrs C Evans

Year 2 Teacher

Mrs S Cotter Year 2 Teacher
Mrs J Fuller Year 3 Teacher
Mrs J Cooper Year 3 Teacher and Assistant Headteacher
Mrs K Poole Year 4 Teacher
Miss Dhaled Year 4 Teacher
Mrs L Wilcox (p/time) Year 5 Teacher

Mrs T Powell (p/time)

Year 5 Teacher

Miss S Raza  Year 5 Teacher
Mr C Priestley  Year 6 Teacher



Support Staff at Heathlands Primary Academy 2017/18

Mrs S Ruston  Higher Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA)

Mrs E Clarke (p/time)

Higher Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA)

Mrs R Perks (p/time)

Unqualified Teacher/PPA cover supervisor 


Mrs S Begum  Teaching Assistant
Miss Z Begum (p/time) Teaching Assistant/EAL support
Mrs E Beighton  Teaching Assistant

Mrs D Brookes

Teaching Assistant

Mrs D Carter

Miss L Cole

Teaching Assistant

Teaching Assistant

Miss J Deane Teaching Assistant
Mrs L Davies Senior Learning Mentor and Deputy DSL
Miss S Hallbrook Teaching Assistant 
Mrs S Harrison (p/time) Teaching Assistant 
Mrs D Hyde Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Lynch Teaching Assistant
Mrs M Perks Teaching Assistant & Smiley Club Manager
Miss T Simmons (p/time) Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Stallard  Teaching Assistant 
Miss J Welch Teaching Assistant 
Miss T Williams  Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Williamson Learning Mentor and Assistant DSL
Mrs D Wilkes Teaching Assistant
Mrs B Timmings School Business Manager
Mrs C Dilkes Office Manager
Ms A Henderson (p/time) Administrative Assistant
Mrs J Merricks (p/time) Receptionist
Mr L Dawes Building Site Manager
Mr M Gallagher  Assistant BSS

Smiley Club

Mrs M Perks Manager
Ms T Branscombe Playworker
Mrs J Merrick Playworker
Mrs S Hallbrook Playworker

Breakfast Club

Ms T Barnsley
Mrs J Merricks

Ms L Thorpe 

Ms D Reeves

Ms K Raymond

Ms T Branscombe


Lunchtime Supervisors

Ms K Ahssan 

Ms H Bamford

Ms T Branscombe

Mrs S Cox

Mrs M Davies 

Mrs K Evans 

Ms R Hussain

Mrs S Modhwadia

Mrs K Raymond

Mrs J Merricks

Mrs S Molloy 

Mrs D Reeves

Mrs L Reeves

Mrs L Thorpe 


Cleaning Staff


Ms S Brecknell 

Mrs L Brooker 

Ms K Raymond

Mrs L Reeves

Mrs R Hussain


Updated 24/01/2018