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Welcome to Heathlands

Our academy aims to play a full and active role in the local community. We value our children and their families and are ready to listen and help where we can. We keep parents/carers well informed about their children and the academy's activities. We welcome and encourage parents/carers to be involved in the life of the academy.

The children are the focus for all we do and we provide a safe and happy environment for them to work in.  We deliver a rich and stimulating curriculum with a strong emphasis on challenge and progress.  The academy curriculum is based on the National Curriculum with a particular emphasis on reading, writing and maths. The rest of the curriculum is taught through a variety of themes. This provides your child with a broad and balanced curriculum that gives children the opportunity to use and increase their skills and talents as they progress through the academy and in later life.

We treat all children as individuals and operate a structured and positive approach to behaviour management. The structured framework for behaviour keeps rules to a minimum and is developed in partnership with the children. This helps to create a calm and safe environment for both children and adults, where self discipline and concern for others are paramount.

Through all our activities we aim to build pupils positive self-esteem and equip the children with the skills needed for lifelong learning. We believe in an inclusive environment where all children are welcome in our academy regardless of race, gender, ability, culture, religion or disability. Our Equal Opportunity Policy is designed to enable all children to have equal access to the curriculum and an equal chance to achieve their best.

At Heathlands we operate an ‘open door policy’ and are very pleased to be partners with parents and children in their education. I am available every morning and afternoon on the school gate for any questions and queries.

Mr Pete Higgins



Partial Lockdown 28/03/18


Dear parents,


This afternoon, we carried out a partial lockdown of the school. Like 60+ schools in the city, we received an email which the DfE have confirmed is a hoax. However, to secure the safety of our children, we followed our procedures and carried out a partial lockdown which is when we need to secure the school site. This is following advice from the Trust.


This means:

  • All outside activity must cease immediately: pupils and staff must return to building.
  • All staff and pupils must remain in building and external doors and windows must be locked.
  • Free movement was allowed within the building.

On this occasion, the pupils remained in at lunchtime and windows and blinds were closed.

The procedures were implemented effectively throughout the school and pupils were unaware of the lockdown. The school day has continued as normal.

This is an unfortunate incident but one that I believe we dealt with well and effectively.

 Yours sincerely,


Mr P Higgins

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